Gnome Splash / Login Customization 11.4

Over the past few days I have been tinkering with Gnome customization, with limited success.

In “Appearance” under the Gnome Control Panel, there is a link to Gnome’s art site. The files for themes, when downloaded, are automatically put into effect with another program. The Splash screens, though, are not.

Also, the login box that one would type their username and password- I also don’t know how to change that to better fit the background (which I have been able to change.)

I’ve spent a bit of time googling this, and I’m not sure if this is just out of Gnome’s control, or I’m missing something obvious- but I would like to be able to customize the splash screen and login box.

Any help is appreciated!


look here:

change login screen ?? 11.2 Gnome

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Thank you very much, Lenwolf. I’ll see if that works.