GNOME sometimes freezing at log-in (2023-2024)

I’ve had this happen since late Fedora 38 or 39 including 40, and had it happen on Tumbleweed a few weeks ago on GNOME 46. I’ve seen similar reports on Arch and Manjaro forums.

I’ve used GNOME on Fedora 20-38 and never had this happen on various GNOME versions Xorg, Wayland, Intel (UHD 630), NVIDIA (3060), AMD (6600 XT) graphics, pre-ADL Intel, and 2nd-gen Ryzen. Only since whatever changed late Fedora 38 or 39, and now relatively recently on oS TW.

Power on → GDM log-in → (type password) → Enter → then either it’ll proceed and put me to GNOME overview, or just halt right there on a gray(?) screen forever.

If I’m using GNOME on X, I can hot-plug my 3.5mm speakers, press Win + L to lock, and wake/log in to get the shell to load (Overview does that animation when it first loads-in and not instant after screen lock).

Session lock recovery like that doesn’t work from GNOME 46 on Wayland. Sometimes switching to a TTY and back to GDM to try logging in again works but not always.

When I have just my laptop (no 3.5mm), recovery is an annoying gamble with TTY tries and I’ve only dealt with this for so long since my laptop was docked with 3.5mm most of the time. I’ve ended up on Windows and even migrated my servers to Windows recently because of this, but I really want Linux and GNOME.

  • Dell Latitude 5591
  • Intel UHD 630
  • Intel i5-8400H (UEFI, 8G RAM)
  • Happens on or off charge, while on external HDMI or built-in screen, and with or without 3.5mm audio connected

I plan to reinstall TW GNOME within a day or so and want to gather up debugging tips (on the assumption it still happens).

  • journalctl -xe nor dmesg showed anything obvious from TTY (in the past)
  • I thought it was audio-related but it happened with various USB audio and even onboard disabled
  • I haven’t seen this from Plasma 6 (F40 and TW) nor Xfce (TW), so I think it’s limited to GNOME or GDM (I think I saw a report of someone switching to LightDM on GNOME to fix it)

@Espionage724 Hi, disable extensions and see if it still happens. Create a test user and log in as the test user does it still occur?