Gnome Shell doesn't work

i tried gnome shell from the software center, but it has some graphics issues.
Is it my graphics driver?
Does somebody have it running?

Perhaps a little more information about what you are doing?

Are you speaking of the Gnome desktop??

Do you have KDE installed?

It is not clear what you mean by Software center. Are you speaking about Yast-Software Managment?

mm… i have to update my driver before i can determine if something is really wrong.
But, i do run Gnome and have Suse 11.2.
Oh, the software center… i always refer to ubuntu somehow.
Now i meant yast.

If i start into Gnomeshell, one side is ok, but the right side of the screen is broken.
I can not see any menu’s and therfore don’t know what i am selecting.

But i think i need to update my gfx driver (GT8800 Nvidia). I think that might be the problem.

Maybe… But the name of the app is Nautilus in gnome I think. (I use KDE).

IMO the problem is perhaps in the gnome configuration files. Add a new user account and see if they also have the problem. If not you can fix the problem by reanming the nautilus configuration files in the ~/.gnome directory (in your home)

I will try that as well. Have not yet done it.

Right now i installed Xfce and i have to say i like it.

Still, i will try to get Gnome Shell running as well. I liked the concept of gnome shell.
I even would install Meego if i can, but thats only for netbooks. :frowning:

I will post how it will go. Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

You also need to ensure your desktop effects are disabled before tying
to run the gnome shell preview.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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I don’t think i had any effects on, but have to double check just to make sure.