Gnome Screenshot worked better in Suse 12.1

**In opensuse 12.1 I could use gnome screenshot to take a screenshot anytime, anywhere, minimized windows, applications.
But now with 12.2 I can only take a screenshot if there is a windows or an application opened. So I can not show by using screenshots to somebody, say friends who OpenSuse 12.2 Gnome looks like. In addition to that it does not have the save option anymore available but automatically saves in pictures. What happened to it? Why was the 12.1 version screenshot better integrated? I really loved it. Of course when it comes to many other things 12.2 is better.


That font ahh my eyes! :slight_smile: Changing the screen shot program is an upstream decision on the part of the developers of Gnome. If you run it from the menu and not by pressing prnt scrn it gives you options to save and to take full screen shots.

On 11/21/2012 09:26 AM, ervindine wrote:
> Why was the 12.1 version screenshot better integrated?

maybe because:

  • no one who tested the pre-release 12.2 noticed that the gnome
    screenshooter was not as good as before

  • everyone noticed it was not as good, but no one logged a bug to get it

  • the GNOME developers don’t have enough hands to do all the work that
    needs to be done, so the product gets shorted

and, if any of those three are true, and stay that way for 12.3, then it
won’t get any better…


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