GNOME Removing/Reinstalling

I recently fall in a very stuck situation wherein I cannot use anymore my GNOME desktop.

This happened immediately after a software upgrade from which new versions of gtk,glib,atk,gdm,gnome2… pkgs were been installed.

My system is based upon a HP laptop with an AMD Turion 64 CPU and the openSUSE 10.3.

At system reboot the greeter wasn’t able to start, complaining about a unrecognized *.svg image.

By starting the KDE4 desktop, which is still working normally, I noticed that all gtk/gnome related apps. are not working anymore: Nautilus, Evolution, Network Manager, gedit, and so on.

Wonder if exists the way to do a full removing/re installation of GNOME desktop, or even a specific pkg downgrade, in order to restore my GNOME desktop.

I am sorry to be not able to supply detailed logs or better information, but at present I am far away from my house and from my affected laptop.

Any suggestion will be very appreciated.


YaST - software management - patterns - look for gnome & deselect/select your choices


Hi deltaflyer,

Many Thanks for the information.
But what about the dependencies check?
Can I issue a “force” “nodeps” from within YaST?

In case that, for some reasons, I will fail to run YaST from INIT 5, is there a way to run an equivalent command from INIT 3?

Best Regards,


I believe “zypper” is what you are looking for. Try zypper --help for exact commmands.