GNOME Proxy versus Yast Proxy

I work as a consultant and thus change networks and proxies on a daily basis. I use the GNOME proxy tool to manage my proxies because it allows you to configure multiple proxies and then just pick one as necessary, I ignore the YAST proxy for the most part and leave it configured with no proxy.

Having said that, there appears to be a conflict between the two when I start my laptop. If the GNOME proxy is set to a proxy it automatically switches to no proxy for that entry because YAST is configured that way. If I configure the proxy in YAST it wipes out all my ignored hosts settings in the GNOME proxy tool. How can I get these two proxy settings to cooperate and stop clobbering each other?

I’m on openSUSE 11.3

Anyone know anything about this? I love how the Gnome proxy lets you switch on the fly as I’m constantly moving locations but the way the Yast proxy clobbers Gnome proxy settings when I activate it is really annoying.

Based on my personal experience,
If you only need to configure HTTP proxying, it’s far easier and reliable to simply configure an application level proxy within a web browser that supports this.

My personal choice is Firefox, and to make Proxy management even more easy and complete, I use the FoxyProxy plugin.

If you need to proxy other protocols, then a system level proxy like YAST or Gnome might be more appropriate, but since proxy configurations in general can be problematic not to mention complex and time consuming to troubleshoot, it’s the last config I would consider.

An alternative that should probably greatly simplify your moving from network to network is to simply tunnel to a network you own and maintain, and either route or proxy through that network (of course requires your current client network to permit tunneling out). You’ll experience extra latencies, but I consider it preferable to maintaining system level proxy configs which work.

IMO looking for the simpler and more reliable solution,

Thanks for the reply, your comment makes sense and I decided to use a proxy switcher in Chrome instead of the Gnome Proxy. The Chrome proxy switcher updates the environment variables like the Gnome one does but does a better job of giving you options to update proxy settings if something like YAST changes them behind the scenes.