GNOME problems - Orbit?

Hi all,
I am still having problems with GNOME on OpenSuse 11.1 which I installed on my sister’s notebook (HP 550). The system is slow, the apps like Nautilus, Evolution (or Orca) are often freezing etc. Tried to find problem with the “top” command but found nothing “suspicious”. My sister uses this computer for normal office work, there is no known memory-hungry app (maybe Orca with voice via Gnome-Speech) which could be reason of these problems.

Yesterday, my brother looked on it and found that there is some error message related to Orbit when running Gnome apps (via terminal or also in normal way).

Here is a screenshot:](

Should I fix something? :frowning:

HP550 laptop - Intel Celeron, Intel GMA X3100 Graphics,1GB ram, Broadcom wifi

Looks like NFS, are you using this service? If not disable via YaST
runlevel editor.

If your not using beagle, remove this via YaST or CLI

sudo zypper rm beagle beagle-firefox

Also look at disabling IPV6 system wide in the Network Devices section
of YaST if your not using as well.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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