gnome problem

Hello to all… I have been using both KDE and GNOME in my laptop with SUSE 10.1 on it. For a while this worked out okay but now after some panel inclusions in KDE I tried to use GNOME again and I only get a blue screen, I get out of this typing ctrl-shift-return (very windows-like really) but I cannot acces my gbome desktop, this only happens with my account, other users’work fine. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yuo have tried reversing the panel inclusions you made?

If that didn’t help it could be you only have to rename the .config folder in your home folder and re-try if the login to GNOME works again.
Otherwise you might have to rename the .kde and .gnome* .gconf* folders to be able to login again… which will mean loosing user settings.

Wishing you luck,