Gnome print stuff is awesome

Just had to share an awesome Linux moment. I just moved recently as well as redoing my laptop with the latest openSUSE 11.2 mX. With this being the case I had not hooked my printer up to my laptop since the re install/moving.

Well, on Sunday I need to print something and be out the door in 5 minutes. Fingers crossed I went downstairs to my printer and plugged it in. Almost as soon as it was plugged in I had a notification bubble pop up that said my printer had been added.

I returned to my openOffice window and went to print. As soon as I remember to select my home printer and not my work one it printed my document.

I was amazed that all I had to do was simply plugin in the printer and click print with a printer that had never been connected before.


Stephen, it’s true. openSUSE is just getting beter and better. I have found it to be true with my 11.1 install
Couple of days ago I pluged a Cell Phone in (Sony Ericsson), a few second later I could browse around it. The same with my Kodak Camera and HP Printer.

I remember the days where I would pray that my video card would just work or that I might get some sound.

In my case, i have Epson printer. openSUSE doesn’t have the driver for it. I have to manually compile/install gutenprint5.2.3 version or later to get it working. But, after installing through CUPS, it works like a charm. Bluetooth is working fine with kdebluetooth4. Just fingerprint need to be considered.
openSUSE is getting the edge over here.

Nothing new under the sun. You still have to tweak both manually when you try to install 11.1 on ASUS Eee-Box. Nothing helps against crappy hardware. But I agree that printing has been improved a lot.