GNOME panel: increase icon size in applets/reduce padding?


I’ve got a question about tweaking the GNOME panel. In the system tray applet, the icons (volume control, etc.) fill the whole panel. However in other applets, such as the slab menu applet and the open windows applet, the icons are always tiny, they look to be 16x16px, and I can’t find any way to make them bigger. I’m basically wondering if there’s a way to make all the icons in the panel the same size, in other words to make the icons in the applets take up the whole vertical length of the panel like the ones in the system tray do.

I tried replacing some of the images in the 16x16 folder in my icon set with larger ones, but the tops and bottoms get cut off, so I wondered if there’s some sort of padding setting that I could reduce. I poked around in gconf-editor under apps > panel > applets, but I couldn’t find anything.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone else done this?