Gnome or KDE

I know there are tons of threads and sites… But I’m going to put Ubuntu and opensuse on my system and was wondering if i should use kde or gnome on opensuse?

Ubunto has gnome so if you want try both put kde on opensuse


o.k. is there a huge difference between the too?

i also wanted to do the dvd but man… 9 hours to download LOL… way to long.

Just go to bed meanwhile, done the next morning, still faster than ordering a dvd.

And depends on what you consider different… they both got a tasklist, a ‘start’ menu and programs that perform similar functions.

What bennifits would have with the dvd then the cd… besides more apps?

The dvd gives you everything.
The install cd just gets the software you install.
If you have a permanent internet connection, the cd is fine because it gets any new software from the server. (same as ubuntu does)
If you don’t want kde4 and want kde3, donload the network install cd. It’s not live, but gives more choice for installation.
If you use a common, separate /home partition, you will be able to read your data in both suse and ubuntu. Use a separate / (root) partition for each.