Gnome online accounts?

12.3 GShell Stock

If I add my gmail as online account it logs in fine
But after suspend and resume I get a notify of failed to connect because the wireless isn’t up in time and even when it is I have to manually set myself as available.

In kde with kopete or gnome with Pidgin, this isn’t an issue.

Any tips?

I had this on GNOME last year, exactly the same thought on it. IIRC doing nothing restored the online status, but only after minutes.

Suddenly it’s working…

These forums are magic, but we already knew that :smiley:

BTW Carl, are you moving to GNOME completely? If yes, for what reason, or just as an experiment? I used it for a year, just to get the heck of it, interested in your motive.

He wanted to experience the “12.3 GShell Shock” rotfl!

LOL. Must say, I was prepared for something like that, to find out after a couple of weeks that I was doing fine and hadn’t escaped to KDE to get things done.

I migrated from GNOME 2.X to GNOME 3.x and started using shell with openSUSE 11.4 release . Unlike others i actually like ‘activities’ and i am a happy Shell user . I am so used to activties that i am struggling to use regular start menus on win 7 machines.

My Box will remain KDE
But my Laptop/s are Gnome and likely to remain so. Mostly due to KDE indexing and desktop integration. But multiple audio devices can be fun, especially if you do in to the settings.
Stuffy is buggy, then it’s not, then it is… etc…

Doesn’t seem to happen in Gnome.