Gnome Online Accounts error

Just upgrade my Gnome to 3.6 few days ago. But I am having weird behavior with Gnome Online Accounts as most of the time I am getting this error msg ‘expired credentials, please log in again’. I am used to this as I am frequently chat online using Facebook and Gtalk. Connection were ok for both accounts in previous Gnome 3.4. However Pidgin works ok for both. Most likey this is Gnome problem and not openSUSE as the similar problem happens to other distro as well. But I am still can’t find the workaround on how to reset the credentials.

Thank you.

I too think it’s a GNOME issue. AFAIK most of GNOME these days is set in ~/.local/share , have a look around in there to see if you can do something like removing files/folders from your ~/.kde4

Did searched each of the hidden folders in /home, the related app were telepathy which inside are the goa contents such as facebook and google accounts, deleted them all but still no go :frowning: since this is considered an upstream issue, wish they can fix it.

Read that the similar problem already been reported in Gnome bugzilla which return to unconfirmed by their respective developers