Gnome/Novell logout problems

I have been haveing problems logging out from Suse 11.2 with the Gnome desktop and the Novell Client installed. First off when I select shutdown a window opens up “Shut Down the Computer” with the choices: Shutdown, Restart, Suspend or Hibernate. If you choose Shutdown or restart the computer closes the desktop and brings up the green linux login screen with “|Session Type| Menu|” in the bottom left corner and the usual Username and Password fields for logging in with. To actually shut down the pc you have to click on the “menu” in the bottom corner and select shutdown again. I don’t really have a probelm with this…the problem I have is that if you log in again when you get to the desktop again and try to log into Novell as a different user it comes up with the message that you are currently logged in as the original user and do you want to log in as the new user? It seems the novell login is not terminated when the user logs out of the linux desktop. As these PC’s are for use in a high school lab that is a big problem as it opens it up for a student to use/access/destroy another students work in their home drive. I have done a lot of searching and the only I came up with was this post at Novell (see the last post in t he thread)but it didn’t work for me:
Novell Client Logoff - NOVELL FORUMS

I would appreciate any help anyone could give.


Just off the top, I’d say that you need to have the Novell logout procedure execute in the init system. When you log out the init 5 shutdown procedures should run then restart. The scripts can be found in /etc/init_d/rc5_d

Note be careful to follow the basic structure and naming convention as presented in the myriad of examples of real scripts in that directory. This is where all things get started/stopped/restarted when entering or exiting a run level.