Is Gnome-Next a rolling release? Is it Tumbleweed?
It has Gnome 3.16
I installed it today. It didn’t have a sound icon, so I installed pulsaudio and the sound worked. Everything appears to work nicely.
I’m enjoying new Gnome apps.:slight_smile:

The question isn’t clear.

Yes, Gnome is one of the available desktops for Tumbleweed. Yes, it recently went to Gnome 3.16.something.

I have Gnome installed, but I don’t think I have logged into Gnome since it went to the latest version.

Gnome-Next is the Gnome 3.16 iso made on OpenSuse. There is a repo
All repos are called OpenSuse-Factory.
I’m not sure what is Tumbleweed or Factory are?
If it is Factory, then it should be rolling distro.

It is pretty fast and I have no problems yet.:slight_smile:

Tumbleweed is the new name for the “factory” rolling distro.