gnome menu / windows key


I’m using openSUSE with gnome desktop and compiz fusion. Every time I press “windows key” I get the gnome’s “Applications” menu opened. But I’d like to use this key for other shortcuts. How can I disable it?

It seems to be some sort of bug in the compiz. When I enable key binding for “Show Main Menu” in “Compiz Settings Manager” and immediately disable it I can use the “start/super key” normally. However it works only until reboot.

Any update on that?

In my opinion it is a VERY bad feature to assign winkey to main menu. Under windows it’s ok, because there function is activated when you release key, which means you can assign winkey to start and still use it for win+r, win+l, win+e etc. but under Linux it’s not like that. If you assign a single key to a function you won’t be able to use it for anything else. I use this key to many other things and it’s uncomfortable to see menu pop up every time you hit it.

I spent almost an hour searching in menus. Both gconf-editor and keyboard shortcuts say that alt-F11 is set for main menu but windows key still activated it. I couldn’t find option to remove this binding

How I solved:

go to control center/keyboard, layouts tab/layout options, assign left win key to some other function and it will not activate main menu any more. close preferences, reopen and re-assign old key to that function. winkey will be free after that

Yes this is a pain, but a little bit of searching will lead you to the right menu in Compiz to fix it. Under the Utility category, under workarounds you will find the bindings for show main menu to be the left and right windows (super) keys. Disable those two and you should be home free.

Thanks for the info, it was getting old when I’d be using terminal server client, go to win+e for explorer and get a suse menu in the face.:sarcastic: