Gnome menu labels gone (image included)

Okay, so, how do I describe this, and what happened?

The Gnome application browser suddenly has no labels. This is in every profile, not just the one I use. even root has this.

I can’t figure Gnome out. Are all these settings in a database somewhere? XML files? Whatever happened to all the text files that make Linux so easy…

Same problem here, I had to remove the launcher from the panel and add the traditional gnome menu instead.
And the entries are stored in the /usr/share/applications directory.However you won’t find any problems there. I believe this may have to do with compiz though am not sure.

There was some kind of crash message about “crystal”. I tried changing different decorators and themes, but nothing works. It’s only the Applications menu, too, the System Settings menu is still fine.

Anyone else have thoughts?

I figured out that if I remove Games from the menu, the problem goes away, so I am guessing there is something in the games category that is messing it up.

Thanks for the heads up. Because of your post figured out it was pytraffic messing the menu up.

You are quicker than I, I just got there too. SHould we report it as a bug to someone?