Gnome Maps Location Services Not Working

When I activated Gnome Location Services, it said no apps were requesting location services.

I then started Gnome Maps. The location services (that runs by default on every Gnome running distro I’ve ever used) were inactive. I rechecked with Gnome Location Services (found in Gnome Settings). It still says no apps are requesting location services.

I don’t know how to get these two apps (or whatever the term is) to work together as they should.

Is there a firewall or user permission or usergroup issue? I’m clueless.

Any suggestions?

I have the exact same problem.

It’s broken again. If it opens (maybe 50% of the attempts to get it to do so), Gnome-maps takes an exceptionally long time to open. Location services are not working in the app when it opens.

Any suggested fixes?

on leap 15.3 maps takes more than a minute to start. I thought it was dead but it started up after I had figured it was inactive and I had already gone on to something else.

Started from a terminal, it threw no error messages. My computer is 5820k series i7 intel, 32 gig memory, nvidia geforce gtx 1050 graphics, and plenty of disk space. Moderately modern and fast computer.

tom kosvic