Gnome Main Menu - "Search For Files" issue


I dont use openSuse’s Slab menu, instead I use Gnome Main Menu and everything looks perfact except when I click on Places->Search for Files, instead of opening a file search dialog box it opens the resultbox.

It seems opensuse messed up this because of Slab Search functionality

Please let me know how to fix this


Nothing to do with the slab menu, that uses tracker-search-tool “your
search string”, it’s Nautilus related.

For Nautilus, just press the binocular icon to the right of the
dropdown ‘Icon View’ will show the search field. Or rather than
go to the menu, just press ctrl+f.

Else modify the menu to use tracker-search-tool?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Well I know the other way round to perform search but I’m trying to figure out why its happening. It seems like a bug to me which is not critical but still is a bug


As malcomlewis said, it is just that the menu entry don’t point to the right thing. If you want to call this a bug, you’re welcome. :wink: