Gnome login - auto-highlight my username

Hi all,

Using Tumbleweed gnome and at the login screen my name is not highlighted so I have to use the mouse and click on it and then enter my password. How can I have the user name be already highlighted so I don’t need to use the mouse.

Thanks in advance

I think you can use the TAB key or the up/down arrow keys. So you can manage it without a mouse.

Beyond that, I don’t have a good answer.

In the past, when you booted up it automatically highlighted the user who had most frequently logged in. But the Gnome people decided to change that.

Another option would be to switch to using “lightdm” instead of “gdm” to handle the login. Then “lightdm” will preselect the user who most recently logged in. But you might not be able to get a Wayland session with “lightdm”.

Thanks for the quick response. I guess other distros I’ve tried lately (Fedora and Ubuntu) have undone what Gnome setup because there the user is highlighted. Oh well, one extra keyboard press won’t kill me.

I think the latest Fedora and Ubuntu are both using Gnome 3.32. Tumbleweed is also on Gnome 3.32, but they are still using GDM from an older Gnome (I think 3.28). That’s because there are a number of local adaptations that didn’t easily work with 3.32. My understanding is that work is almost complete to move to GDM-3.32, at least on Tumbleweed. But that’s just from reading discussions on bug reports. I don’t have any inside information, and I’m just an ordinary user anyway.