gnome live cd login??

hi, need advice please! using gnome live cd 12.1 at boot up and it ask’s me to login,but doesn’t accept my login details
any idea’s

I do not know what you think that are your login details, but as it is a live CD it can not know about your details.

I am not sure I ever used a live CD (I did use a promo CD), but doesn’t it login automaticaly or with empty fields?

i wanted to check out 12.1 before installing,appears the main problem i had was down to nvidia card so used nomodeset
which allowed entry using linux as login,now just need to decide if i clean hd and start afresh or just clean suse side!

So, you installed and now the install doesn’t accept your username and password? Did you try the password with CapsLock on? :smiley: (I created this problem last week myself)

“linux” is the default user on the LiveCD, not on your install. You need to use the username and password you created during install. And mind, linux is case-sensitive, i.e. Linux is not the same as linux or LINUX