GNOME is not MONO =)


After reading lots of websites where it’s said that GNOME is deeply connected with Mono, I went like I’d no longer install that DE. But, I thought the best I could do is installing it on my own machine. I did a detailled install, checked if any mono component was marked and if it was even recomended, I unchecked it.

Then as I started the system for the first time, an error about Tomboy’s applet launched, I just clicked delete it and no problems. So, there is no mono component installed on my machine, and that makes me feel good, since I am not interested in C# (I’m a C++/C guy preparing for learning python) nor .NET.


Admins, move this thread to Soapbox.

I don’t think this needs to be moved there because I am just telling my experience. I know a few people who are affraid of Mono because it implements the .NET technology and may saying around, but I have nothing against it, I just come to prefer good old C or C++.


I agree with this sentiment.

There’s nothing magical about running without mono, or pulseaudio, or beagle, or moonlight, or flash, or emacs, etc.

I know there isnt any magical, but after reading things like this: Boycott Novell » GNOME-Mono Dependency Revisited (Updated) I wanted to make sure how true it was. That’s all.

By the way I use GNOME alot too.


Right. I know a lot of people who are scared of C because it implements the abstraction technology and C++ because it implements the object-oriented technology; and .NET’s runtime technologies are even scarier, huh? How silly.

Hi Recardo,

I do think your story is of value… but to be fair, ‘it ain’t no question’… so Chit-chat or soapbox would be the fitting place to post these conclusions.

Back to your post… Mono integration can be a thing to watch out for… and then mainly those bits of mono that could be infringing on patents. It would be a big mistake if a DE would ’ fall’ if for some reason MONO (partly) gets pulled and the DE then seems to have been built on parts of the code that have been pulled.

Don’t applications like Beagle, Banshee and F-Spot also rely on mono components?


Magic31 is absolutely correct. Beagle, Banshee, Tomboy, Muine, and F-Spot all depend on Mono and are in all likelihood written in C#. They’re all listed at:

Screenshots - Mono

On the other hand I wouldn’t avoid Gnome because some applications written for it are in C#. Like the poster I too can also program in C/C++, but I have to admit that the combination of .NET and Visual Studio is sometimes really nice to have. I automated a lot of tasks at work using this platform. The nice thing about it is that you can slap a useful application together in no time at all.