GNOME hangs on login

When I set my display session type to ‘Gnome’, and log in (through the Plasma greeter), I get prompted for my wIfi password but the screen then goes blank and nothing more happens. I can’t work ‘bugzilla’ to report this; can someone do it for me ?

This is a known problem between SDDM and GNOME. And about a year ago, it was exactly the opposite: you couldn’t log in to KDE (neither 4 nor 5) when using GDM.

To “workaround” it, use a different display manager. There’s kdm (KDE4’s DM), gdm (GNOME’s DM), and lightdm (a light-weight alternative to GDM with similar features, used by Ubuntu as default for years).
Just install the one you want if necessary, and set it in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager (modify the DISPLAYMANAGER=“xxx” line accordingly).

Running GDM, and Gnome-with-Wayland, fixes this issue. My real problem was that LibreOffice blew away the KDE display manager; I installed LibreOffice 5.0 beta but that still blew the KDE display manager away; now LibreOffice under Gnome only runs the 5.0 beta but this appears to work correctly; at least it initialises with Gnome.

Thanks ! But how do I use bugzilla to report the problem with LibreOffice and KDE (or is it already reported ?)

Hm? What do you mean with “blew away the KDE display manager”?

LibreOffice should have no influence on the display manager, i.e. the login screen.

And where did you install LibreOffice from? Where did you install that 5.0 Beta from?