Gnome - group yast components

I first installed OpenSuse last month with Gnome and I’ve been playing around for a while to get used to it. When I did this first install all the components for Yast were grouped into a folder on the Gnome application screen. It made it look clutter free and tidy.

Now I’ve decided to stick with OpenSuse I reinstalled but now all the Yast components are on the main Gnome screen. It makes for three pages of links I will hardly ever click on.

Is there any reason they aren’t grouped together this time? How can I group them together again?


Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Until they are used they won’t show as a ‘Frequent’ item. I usually just add YaST to the favorites bar.

Thank you for your reply, and welcome!

I worked it out. When I installed OpenSuse I added and removed a bunch of software. One thing I removed was Gnome Software. I’ve just tried installing it and it’s now how I expected/wanted it. One page of clutter free links :slight_smile: