Gnome freeze....

Hi there,

My gnome desktop has been very slow and both cpu running toward 60%!and as soon as i use Nutilus the whole system crash!!!
i dont really know what to do…
I have uninstalled beagled
I have uninstalled compiz
i have install KDE and it works perfectly well…
i have tried to uninstal nautilus, but its connected with to much other important software so i dont really want to do it!

I didnt find a answer with google, and i dont want to give up because i prefer gnome, here is crash report i’ve got, the first time i had to reboot :

Accessibility: Disabled
GTK+ Theme: Gilouche
Icon Theme: Gilouche
GTK+ Modules: gnomebreakpad

Memory status: size: 0 vsize: 0 resident: 0 share: 0 rss: 0 rss_rlim: 0
CPU usage: start_time: 0 rtime: 0 utime: 0 stime: 0 cutime:0 cstime: 0 timeout: 0 it_real_value: 0 frequency: 0

----------- .xsession-errors (1057 sec old) ---------------------
beagled will run in the background.
Use beagle-status to check progress of beagled.
For log files check /home/blowback/.beagle/Log/current-Beagle.
** (nm-applet:3444): WARNING **: No connections defined
Initializing nautilus-dice extension
Initializing nautilus-share extension
Initializing nautilus-open-terminal extension
(gnome-panel:3423): Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_widget_size_allocate(): attempt to allocate widget with width -17 and height 24
** (nautilus:3424): WARNING **: Unable to add monitor: Non pris en charge
** (nautilus:3424): WARNING **: Unable to add monitor: Non pris en charge

i just Hope i wont have to reinstall the suse