[Gnome] Firefox doesn't automatically restore tabs/windows at start up even if option selected

Using a fresh install of 3.12 on a friend machine here.
Google didn’t help sorry!

I found pretty weird that the default browser of the latest (and updated) release of openSUSE doesn’t behave correctly when the option “Show my windows and tabs from last time” is selected. Of course when I need to restart the system (or power off) I just do it without closing the browser first (and why should I do it anyway?)
So please why all the time Firefox present me the restore tabs/windows page like if I crashed the system or killed the application?

Thanks for explanations.
Does it also happen on a tumbleweed?

one question:

When firefox starts does it in default mode or load the crash page with the tabs listed?

Sure, thanks! it keeps loading the crash page with tabs listed at every boot.

well… solved!
all the time the crash/list page was presented I was just reloading those tabs/windows then keep navigating and rebooting (and all the time kept going back to the crash page).
I got off the loop by just exiting firefox once before restarting the system and… voila, no more crash page at next reboots.