Gnome environment

I successfully installed Kde environment from usb flash. I had to change location of grub to sabayon, missing sound for example, impossibility to boot manjaro. But after installation of gnome I cannot boot it. I used patterns-openSUSE-gnome pakage from yast menu. Do you anybody know how to repair it?

Hi petrherynk,

it is not really clear what you did. You should write a bit more about the details.

Do you mean that you made an install of openSUSE 12.3 with KDE ?

What do you mean by “after installation of gnome”?
Did you try to install openSUSE 12.3 again selecting gnome desktop ?

You seem to say that you just installed gnome as additional software without installing openSUSE (12.3 ?) as such.
But this isn’t clearly stated !

You should tell a bit more about your hardware, about which version of openSUSE you try to install.

Good luck

I added gnome environment with command patterns-openSUSE-gnome. I would like to have both kde and gnome on one partition, I have already razor and kde. In openSUSE 12.2 no problem.

Not until you explain what “I cannot boot” means. Bootloader fails to load kernel? Kernel starts but fails to mount root? Root is mounted but system stops in emergency mode? Etc etc …

When I choose gnome, I get black screen, when I choose plasma desktop, I boot to plasma.

I think there are some conflicting files.

What is your video chip? If NVIDIA or AMD/ATI then you may need a driver for the card

I presume you are using kdm as the initial installation was KDE. Did you try to use gdm as display manager for a test?

I used it. I had problems with adding gnome, I had to uninstall some kde packages. I had never problem before 12.3 version. I have installed nvidia driver, but I think it shouldnt be problem.

I try to add this bug to novell bugzilla but after my experience with grub I think would be quite useless.

Try the above link

Thank you very much