GNOME Drops to Login after Network Connection

Background: My desktop has Intel 7260 wifi card (lspci output: 03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 (rev 73)). It has worked without issue through Leap 42.3. Ethernet connection is unfortunately not an option in my apartment.

Current Issue: Upgraded to Leap 15 (beta) about a month ago. After logging in, GNOME almost immediately crashes and drops back to the GNOME login screen. When I log back in, I get errors in Evolution that connection to email servers failed. So, I manually log out and in again, and all is well, including email through evolution.

After Leap 15 release, the problem continued, so I did a fresh install and the problem has persisted. I’ve narrowed it down (trial and error) to the Network Manager. On the first login after starting (or restarting), GNOME crashes upon connection to the network via WIFI. Now I’m stuck. I don’t see any logs in my home directory that might shed light on this.

Any insights/suggestions/fixes are appreciated.