Gnome don't mount correctly my IPod

hi folks… i have a strange problem with gnome
i know it’s gnome because lxde looks not to be affected
when i plug my ipod, it’s succesufully mounter as usb storage disk. but there is aproblem
some times, it’s just mounted, no messages appears on the screen and “podsleuth --update” is able to see it

other times, it try to mount it twice (looks like that al least) as you can see here an error message is showed

PicPaste - Schermata_1.png

every time that happen, no ipods are found:

$ podsleuth --update
No iPods were found in the HAL device tree

another strange thing, that again happen on gnome but not on LXDE (on the same machine) is that:

the ipod, even detected, is not correctly mounted with hal… and i cannot eject it with banshee (the same happen with my Android phone) as you can see here

PicPaste - Schermata-1.png

into media i have .hal-mtab-lock instead of .hal-mtab and even creating a symlink do not work

again, if i mount devices with PCManFM (LXDE file manager, everything works fine immediatly)