Gnome doesn't work first time logged in

I’ve made mention of it in other threads, so I guess I should start one on the topic and see if there are any answers.

I have openSUSE 11.2 Gnome installed on my laptop. It did not always do this if my memory serves me correctly, but now it does every time.

This always happens the first time I log into the system ONLY.

  • When I am logged in, I see my desktop wallpaper (changed from the default, so I know it is mine) and the mouse pointer only. No panels, icons or anything.
  • After a moment the notification about connecting to my wireless router pops up, but while the notification is in the lower right corner (on the bottom panel, the only one) this notification shows up closer to the top left corner (but not all the way into the corner).
  • Right-click does not bring up any menu or options.
  • Cntl+Alt+Backspace does not reset X, but emits an annoying “beeeep”

I created a second account becuase I figured maybe the Gnome setting got messed up, but the same thing happens in the second account as well.

In order to get into the computer to make it usable I go through the following process:

  1. Log in as either account (doesn’t matter)
  2. Hit Cntl+Alt+F2 to get into a terminal
  3. log in as root
  4. run
killall --user <username>

This removes the user and returns to the login screen (root is still logged in)

  1. Log in as the user I want to run as, and it start correctly, with no indicators of anything being amiss

I do have desktop effects turned on, though fairly basic (cube, wobbly windows, etc.). That is one thing I am meaning to try.

The system has Intel graphics. The Broadcom wireless is the only proprietary driver I needed to install.

I have run updates to see if a patch of some sort passed through. As of last night it still happened.

This same piece of hardware has multiple hard drives I can swap out (and do swap out). Windows (on the same hard drive), Ubuntu and Fedora have not shown any similar behaviors.

If there is any further information needed (dmesg, lspci, etc), let me know and I can try and get it when I go home tonight.

If this is something to submit as a bug, please point me in the right direction.

Please, this is the only negative thing I’ve run across so far; my Webcam and Skype issuees have been fixed.


That’s the metacity bug( 555027), have a read of this thread;

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Thanks. I’ll give this a try tonight or tomorrow night.

Moving to install/boot/login forum. NNTP users followup there please.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Move completed…