gnome-do and gnome-keychain

I am using gnome-2.x with gnome-do and everytime gnome-do runs, a dialog box from gnome-keychain pops up asking for password saying that “Default key chain is locked”. This renders the desktop unusable and I have to drop down to terminal and kill off gnome-do. Any workarounds is appreciated.


Well since there was no answer to this one and I found it myself, let me just update it here. When you plan to run gnome-do it’s always easier to run gdm as the displaymanager as gdm loads up a bunch of stuff to make gnome-do just “work out of the box”. If you don’t you will only find gnome-do working normally in a gnome environment (which is what I found on my box). Once I ran gdm as the displaymanager, gnome-do just worked sweet on all desktop environments.