gnome-display-properties on 11.3

I have been having a tough time with gnome-display-properties after I upgraded to 11.3. This crashes after two to three suspend/resume/dock cycles. Though I can invoke gnome-display-properties from command line once it crashes, this doesn’t have any effect on the display. I can change display settings through xrandr after this though.

I tried to google to find out how I can debug gnome-display-properties when I invoke it from command line. I don’t see any recommendations anywhere. I was expecting some way of tracing or looking at other services that g-d-p uses. Appreciate any help to debug g-d-p. I have to logoff and login again (no need to reboot) to get back g-d-p working again.

This is Thinkpad T61 and I’m using the radeon driver. Compiz is not enabled.


Just noticed that restarting gnome-settings-daemon kills the session on 11.3. I was trying to debug the above annoying problem and I wanted to start g-s-d at debug mode. But, the session just gets restarted…