GNOME Desktop Wont Load on 11.2

I am trying to get OpenSUSE 11.2 working. Everytime I install it, it installs with errors but when the user I setup auto logs in to the GNOME desktop, the desktop never loads. I can get into failsafe mode sometimes. I’ve replaced the harddrive and installed it again = same issue. I’ve redownloaded and burned a different DVD, verifying the checksum, and running the “check media” option = same issue. I’ve done a repair install = same issue. I’ve removed the added Ethernet and modem cards and reinstalled = same issue. I’ve deleted all partitions from previous install and reinstalled = same issue. Currently, I just defraged the HDD on a windows machine and am running the install once more (one a completely different machine) but what’s going on here? I need 11.2 for Clonezilla SE (not 11.3)

Can anyone help?

From what I read, you are saying you did this and it was OK

Have a look at this
Picasa Web Albums - carl fletcher - openSUSE 11.2…

You say

it installs with errors

What are those errors. I would not be amazed that something does not function when it installs with errors.

Also, I would first (at install) switch of that silly auto login. Thus you (and we) can find out if it is the boot where it fails, or the login.

Try disabling the ‘install from Images’ option is all the checks are
ok. But if your getting errors on the install…well :frowning:

The other option you could try rather than downloading the whole DVD is
do a net install.

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