Gnome Desktop "Panel"

What’s up with the Gnome Desktop Panel? When I click to launch it does (apparently) nothing new. I have “extra panel applets” installed as well and get nothing.

openSUSE 12.1
Gnome 3.21

P.S. I’ve been wondering how to apply a sig here in the forums. Can’t figure it out.*

As an extension? Which one?

Click on ‘Settings’ top right when logged in, then on the left column
under ‘My Settings’ there is Edit Signature.

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In the Main Menu app there’s a Panel app under System Tools. The box is unchecked by default. When I put it into my menu (by checking the box) and try using it, I get nothing. I’ve tried switching to fallback mode to see if it was designed for that scheme and still get no response. It’s a mystery to me.

P.S. I don’t know how I ever overlooked the sig setting. I have spend some time on different occasions looking for that. lol. Thanks!

EDIT: Here is what YaST says about the Panel app. It’s installed by default, I just can’t figure out how to invoke it.

“This package contains the GNOME Desktop Panel. The panel is an easy-to-use and functional interface to manage your desktop, start programs, and organize access to your data.”

I don’t see this app under system tools, can you grab a screenshot and post it here (select image and set to never expire please)
SUSE Paste

I’m not sure that SUSE Paste worked. Here it is from me…](

That’s not part of GNOME 3.x but a GNOME 2.x fragment from somewhere…
it should be set to NoDisplay=true in it’s desktop entry
in /usr/share/applications.

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Excellent info. Thank you!

I suppose if one wanted it can be installed as an extension here

Yes, it provides an additional panel, but can get if front of the notifications one. Try it, it’s easy to disable :wink:

Hi Malcolm,
Are you able to take a screenshot of the Gnome desktop with the panel menu in the right top corner open? I tried with Gnome and Xfce screenshooters and here’s what I get with both:

The rest is all white.
Graphics card is GeForce 8400 GS with nvidia driver.