Gnome - Create NIC Bridge

Installed KVM/QEMU

Main Desktop: openSUSE KDE - VM’s ( Win10, openSUSE, Manjaro, etc…)
VM Server: openSUSE Gnome - VM’s (Win2k Server, openSUSE [Zabbix], etc…)

KDE, I used the System Settings UI successful to create a bridge, but in Gnome the UI is different, it only has a + button to create a profile. It does not show any list like in KDE to allow creating of other types. I don’t want to switch to Wicked, I tried it and it causes too many problems. I want to keep Gnome for the reduce overhead and remote UI.

I’m a UI guy, so CI is 80% out, I try my best not to go CI only if I have no other choice, I love SUSE’s UI Administration Tools. So, where, how in Gnome’s UI I create a bridge?

Well, I just installed and switched to KDE…

I switched from Gnome to KDE many years ago. And for probably the same reason. Gnome was getting in the way.

nm-connection-editor (/usr/bin/nm-connection-editor) is GUI configuration tool that is developed together with NetworkManager and is probably the most feature complete. It should be installed by default together with NetworkManager.

:slight_smile: Yes, I’m begging to just leave the heavy duty stuff to KDE…

:slight_smile: Thanks, I will take a look…