Gnome crashing

Every time I start gnome,after sometime the title bar of every application disappears and I have to restart the x system using ctrl+alt+backspace.Is it a bug in gnome?I am using opensuse 11.3.


Can you give us some details about your system. Is compiz activated?

It’s not a bug in Gnome I had the same issue with compiz activated. Im using 2.32 now and all is working great 2.30 did too.

No I don’t use compiz and I always disable every possible visual effects.I have not modified any sensitive settings and have not installed any kind of conflicting applications.I am using KDE until this problem is resolved.Since I have a low end computer running KDE makes it too slow to use.

Maybe you should try LXDE

I asked before your system details. What is low for you?

Maybe the suggestion of caf4926 worth to check it out.