Gnome configuration suggestions help

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question about Gnome in Suse 10.3
I usually use KDE but though I would give Gnome a shot.

So far I find it ok. but lacking in configuration area.
What I would like to do is somhow if possible get ride of or shrink that annoying big window that opens up in the bottom right hand corner when you click on My Computer.

It is clunky, I have seen some sweet looking gnome desktops with themes etc. but want to first play around with the original Gnome desktop to get to now it better before changing things to much with themes, widgets etc.

Also I’m thinking of updating to Suse 11.0, is it worth it in your opinion, ie. updates, apps, speed, look and feel?


You should be able to right click on the panel and add applet, scroll
through the list and select ‘classic’ main menu. Then you could right
click on the ‘slab’ one and remove (it can be re added as above).

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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