GNOME Commander Search

I did not like Nautilus file manager that installs with the GNOME desktop so I installed GNOME Commander. It shows what I want to see about my file system. I like it a lot (particularly the 2 screen layout) once I got rid of the dark blue background that makes everything unreadable on my screen.

However, the “Search” function does not seem to work (Edit → Search or Alt+F7). The search box appears but when I enter the parameters, nothing happens except the box disappears. Looking in the manual, I notice that the Search Section (3.8 - Searching for Files) is empty.

The GNOME Commander version that came with the boxed openSUSE 11.0 is 1.2.5

Is this something I am doing wrong or is the search function a work in progress with this file manager? Are there better alternatives?

Mayby Krusader is an option. I don’t use it yet, but the screens are nice and I’m installing it right now.

I’ve installed Krusader and I like it for so far. The search function is much better than the searchtool in Nautilus.
Krusader looks and works like Total Commander.