Gnome color management not working OpenSUSE 12.3

I use OpenSUSE 12.3, GNOME 3.6, with NVIDIA proprietary driver. I wanted to apply .icc color profile to my monitor but to my surprise, gnome color manager (System settings -> Color) didn’t have any options to apply color profile to monitor (just for camera or scanner). I started to look around and by starting ‘gnome-settings-manager color’ form CLI found that systemd didn’t find unit for color managment. The daemon for color managment - colord - was not installed. After installing it, color manager stated ‘no devices supporting color management detected’. I found here, that I have to install gnome-color-manager and argyll packages. After installing them, gnome color from the system settings work asi it should - I am able to apply .icc profiles to my monitors.
My question is - should I report this as a bug to the developers? It seems that under standard installation of OpenSUSE with GNOME desktop, the desktop is not fully functional. I found somewhat related bug, which is fixed, but problems described there still prevail. Can someone confirm this behaviour of standard GNOME installation?