[Gnome] Can't take screenshots of fullscreen applications

I can’t take screenshots of fullscreen applications, including games. When I take a fullscreen screenshot, I get a picture of my underlying desktop instead (the game can be partially visible). I use Gnome’s default tools.
Should taking screenshots be possible right out of the box on openSUSE? Should I switch to a different window manager?

Name: GNOME Shell
Class: N/A
Window manager's "showing the desktop" mode: N/A


Do you set a delay before the full screenshot is taken, else what happens if you use the printscr button (Check in the Pictures folder for the screenshot)?

How can I edit screenshot settings?
I’ve always used the “print screen” button.

Use gnome-screenshot tool then, should be installed and in the overview menu, use search and add to favorites.

I don’t understand - doesn’t openSUSE use Gnome’s screenshot tool by default? I checked hotkeys in the settings after installing openSUSE. The delay is set to “0”.
Gnome screenshot definitely is installed.

If you use the alt key, then press prtscr button, it will inhibit the screenshot until you release the alt button. Else use the screenshot tool with a delay set.

Maybe some example of what programs your running that you can’t take shots of would help.

All games.

The screenshots are saved at the exact moment when I press the “print screen” key, but the foreground application isn’t correctly captured.

Maybe it’s a combination of nvidia graphics and refresh rates and settings for your screen, can you duplicate without the nvidia driver running or the games need the nvidia driver?

I don’t know the exact term, but capturing OpenGL applications isn’t possible unless the program is designed for that purpose. ShareX developer explained this well: https://github.com/ShareX/ShareX/issues/848