Gnome buggy after updates

I had not done updates in a while and finally let it install 92 updates. After the updates were finished gnome gives me an error saying some config file is corrupt or missing. The reason i don’t have the exact code is i told to not delete the file and now it doesn’t come back up.

is this a known issue? Some of the gnome icons have reverted to a generic icon and the user experience is all messed up. Most of my programs seem to be working however. any suggestions?

opensuse 10.3
IBM Stinkpad t43

It’s not really a good idea to do that many updates at one time. Any problems that result will be impossible to trace to the source. Most of them are not necessary anyway and on occasion can potentially break something that’s otherwise working. It would be better to update several at a time and make a note of what was updated.

What do you mean when you say the “user experience is messed up”? Have you tried logging off and logging back in?