Gnome blocking Flash RTPM Port?

Hi All,

Don’t know if this issue belongs here or not, but I am working my way through trying to figure out why Flash in Firefox cannot connect to my back-end server using it’s RTPM Streaming Protocol.

My Setup:

openSuSe 11.1
No software firewall
No Proxy Server
Gnome Desktop
2 Nics
VitualBox Running Windows Vista 64 bit

I can connect to the site using Firefox, but Flash cannot connect via the RTMP port 2099.

If I use IE OR FIREFOX on Vista under VirtualBox, it works!! All my other computers on the same network running IE, FireFox and Chrome, have no problems. This tells me, it isn’t a firewall issue. So, I am guessing it is a configuration issue in Gnome or openSuSE somewhere.

BTW - I can telnet to the port and connect.

I have disabled the software firewall and proxy. I’ve instructed Firefox NOT to use a proxy. Nothing I try seems to matter.

Any thoughts?



Needed to install the 64-bit flash plugin to make it work.