gnome apps seem broken in kde4.3

They look good, and the theme matches nicely… but pull-down menus don’t work on my gnome apps. Of course, I pretty much only use one gnome app, but this is annoying.

Anybody have a clue?

seems to be a problem with the oxygen theme.

How can I verify if oxygen is really the issue for me? How to change to another theme?

I actually changed the theme of the only app that mattered to me – Firefox.

Other gnome apps still don’t seem to work right for me, but I can live with Firefox not matching so I decided to move on.

I seem to be having this same issue again in opensuse 11.2 – only this time changing the theme and uninstalling the oxygen package didn’t help.

Anyone have any thoughts? Pull-down menus and right-click don’t function. Also, the menu for noscript doesn’t work.

Very annoying.