Gnome: Applications, Places, Workspaces no longer displayed


After updating some packages yesterday, i am no longer able to see the applications and Places tabs in the top bar. At the bottom the workspaces display has disappeared. I also cannot see the opened tabs at the bottom panel - the panel has disappeared. I am unable to understand how to get them back.

Please tell me how to get back all of them as i am facing a lot of difficulties.

@samrat_rao This is GNOME Classic? AFAIK, this is done by extensions, sounds like some have been disabled?

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Hi Malcolm,

Its the default Gnome. When i switched to Gnome Classic the Applications, Places, Workspaces etc were displayed by default.

From your reply i recollected that i need to use Extensions in the default Gnome desktop. The extensions was disabled - don’t know why. I enabled it again. Not just this, other options like minimise / maximise windows too were disabled.

So thanks for your reply.

Btw, when i began fidgeting with the Extensions options, the software suggested that using flatpak was better. So you suggest that i use various packages from flatpak or only keep the official and semi-official openSUSE Leap 15.5 repos?

@samrat_rao If it’s available as a rpm from the default repositories, I would use that.

I’m only using flatpaks on MicroOS, but if you decide that route, then suggest also installing Flatseal in case you need to modify permissions for access to the filesystem etc…

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