GNome applications/menu Panel moved from Bottom to Top of the screen

I suddenly find that my gnome applications panel would appear at the “top” of the screen instead of the “bottom”

So I tried to drag/move it to bottom but I couldn’t.

So I right-click and check the Panel properties and I find the “Orientation” field set to the value “Top” and it was disabled. There was also a message "“Some of these properties are locked down”

Since it was disabled I was unable to change to value back to bottom.

I googled around to find the following links:

Moving the locked top panel in Ubuntu/GNOME

[gnome] Panel moves to top and won’t go back to bottom - Page 2 - Ubuntu Forums](

Weird gnome-panel on restart - Ubuntu Forums

So here’s what I did to fix it.

Open gconf-editor

$ gconf-editor &

Navigate to

apps -> panel -> toplevels -> <paneltofix> -> orientation

and change the value from “Top” to “Bottom”

In my case the <paneltofix> is shown as “bottom_panel_screen0