Gnome and kpowersave

Can anyone tell me if using kpowersave in gnome is a problem?

I’ve been using it under gnome as it gives far more options than gnome power management but now having used Linux for a while I realize that it’s really made for KDE and not gnome so I’m wondering if that was a mistake.

Although, in my ignorance and putting it on gnome it hasn’t seemed to be an issue for many months. I didn’t even stop the gnome power management as kpowersave seemed to have just taken over, at for the monitor settings – I haven’t really investigated the rest.

Also, does gnome power management spin down the disks when it can? And, what does “Put the computer to sleep when inactive” mean? There’s all sorts of ways to power save and partially shut down a computer and that phrasing seems rather vague to me.

I’m running opensuse 11 on Desktop computers that have a lot of power saving features on the mother board as I went looking specifically for such a board so I would like to know that the power management features are making use of them.

Seems strange as I would expect gnome’s powersave to work. But if it works, fine. I think kpowersave setting of ‘Dynamic’ will manage things like cpu frequ and spindown nicely.

Yes kpowersave does seem to be working, the problem I have with gnome’s power management is not that it doesn’t work, more that I don’t know if it is working and in the cases when I can tell (like the monitor shutting off – pretty obvious), what mechanisms it’s using whereas kpowersave seems far more informative, at least in it’s control interface.

Perhaps there’s some app. that I just don’t know about that makes all that clear with gnome’s power management???

I’m afraid I don’t use gnome. I don’t use kpowersave either now. KDE4 has changed all that.
But you should be able to remove the gnome part of powersave in software management.