Gnome and KDE4 CD Live 11.1

When I download the iso and try to burn it to a cd, it says that the original and disk do not compare. It does not pass verify. I have tried this five times.
Does anyone else have this problem?
Is there a problem with the iso on the server?
I am using Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 to burn the disk image to disk.

Have you tried it 5 times with the same or different ISO’s? Choose another mirror if that is the case.

It’s distinctly possible that the burns are fine - some burning software ‘pads’ the end of the burn with different bits (is my limited understanding), and it will always fail a media check even though it’s fine - the differing section contains no data. Keeps happening to me on a dilapidated version of Nero.

Run the md5sum, and if that looks fine, and if you’re confident your optical burner is fine, try it. It won’t blow up your computer. :wink: