Gnome and KDE

Hi all,

I wish to install Gnome and give it a try (as I usually use and love KDE). Will having both gnome packages and KDE packages mess anything up or is it ok to do this. What I mean is, gnome apps still appear under KDE and vice versa, so will any problems occur from say using file-roller under kde, or Amarok under gnome?

I like to keep a tidy system!

no problems will ocure at all. You can mix together kde with gnome

when you install gnome, to go into it when you get to the kdm log in screen, click session, then gnome and log in as usual. to get back to kde, do the same but choose kde. as microchip8 said, no problems will occur.

you can install gnome via yast and selecting your install dvd under the repositories tab.

Thanks a lot guys!!!