Gnome and KDE install on the same system?

I wonder if i can install both desktops on a pc.
Once i tried to put Gnome on the same machine, which was KDE. But it gave me a error saying that some libs are tied and need to be removed, which would brake KDE.
I really would like to try both desktops out and see which one i like better.

How can i do this? Or did i something wrong last time.



Yep, it’s perfectly possible. Go to yast->patterns and select GNOME or KDE desktop. And hop you go. :wink:

At the login page, you’ll have the possibility to chose KDE or GNOME for your session.

If you install Gnome after KDE, you will need to allow the deletion of kde-pure
This keeps KDE PURE to type that’s all, and it’s fine to delete it if you want Gnome

Also, a note on desktop session managers
If you currently have KDE and plan to use Gnome all the time, you might want to switch to the Gnome display and window manager.

Actually my hope was to run both at the same time. I see that Yast wants me to deinstall the KDE Pattern Pure lib. I have the feeling that i can only go with one of them on the same machine. Or maybe i don’t get it right now. aeh…

You can install both Desktops, but you can’t run kde and gnome at the same time (literally)
But you can boot to kde, logout, switch session type
Then login to gnome

You can though, also use kde apps in gnome and gnome apps in kde (mostly without issue)

You can. Just let it remove the pure as caf4926 said

Ok, sounds good. I just did not want to screw up KDE. So that in case i can go back to KDE.

Secret. My wife logs in KDe all the time and i don’t want to confuse her if i change things. aehem… it would be painful for me perhaps.


Just for my knowledge, what is this pure pakage ?

Got a problem.
Everything is installed but once i log in into Gnome, i see only the desktop picture and nothing else.
KDE works fine.
I forgot, can it be compiz?

You can actually start KDE inside a Gnome session by typing startkde in a terminal under Gnome. You’ll have both panels and desktops “overlapped”. If you keep the Gnome panel at the top of the desktop and the KDE panel at the bottom, you’ll be able to use both. I didn’t say that it made sense … just that it’s possible (maybe not in all cases).](

Thanks for that insightful comment. I don’t think I’ll be recommending it generally though.

When I installed my desktop, I installed it as a gnome system but with KDE, XFCE and fvwm as additional desktops. That worked fine during initial installation. I later decided to go with KDE, so on my laptop I installed only KDE. I later tried to install gnome on the laptop, and got the same messages you saw - so I skipped that, and just installed a couple of gnome apps on the system.

I cannot see any obvious difference between KDE on either system. So whatever part of KDE is missing, it doesn’t seem all that important.

(If NetworkManager support had been built into XFCE, I probably would have finished up using that on all systems).

I got some problems with Xwindow now. It seem that gnome session can not connect to xwindow. I need to check the logs, but something went wrong. :frowning:

Start a new thread about it.