I tried it, I really tried to like it. I really, really tried to but no, just no.

That’s all.

I have the same reaction.

If you have it installed, then go to system settings, then to “system information” and then select “graphics”. There’s a setting there to force fallback mode, which I presume is basically gnome 2 though perhaps with different applications installed than the typical gnome install. I preferred that. On my test system, I set up a second user so that one user gets gnome 3 and the other gets fallback mode.

Press ctrl+alt+shift+R to start and stop screencast (must get onto recordmydesktop…)

It’s certainly a mindset change…

@malcolmlewis Are you saying that recordmydesktop is included with Gnome 3? or do you have to add that in?

Gnome 3.0 has it all built in, similar but produces a webm file. See here GnomeShell/CheatSheet - GNOME Live!

Sweet! I need that!

I just upgraded to GNOME 3. It certainly is different! So far, I like it. It will take me some time to get used to the changes.

Gnome 3 Rocks !!!

But I must say that I miss those compiz effects.

One of my friends is huge fan of compiz. I introduced him to Linux but initially I had a tough time to convince him to use it but all that changed as soon as he saw the rotating cube effect. (winkey+tab).

AFAIK there is no way to use compiz with Gnome 3 or** is there a way? **


Thats bad new for compiz fans. Atleast the Gnome 3 team should have tried to provide similar effects. I understand there’s no point in discussing this after all you & I can’t change the policy of the Gnome team.

About Gnome 3 I have not good memories. It had many problems and bugs. @suse_kid remembers many problems…

Yes, I do remember them. They happened because some people (like me) added a repo which was not ready for regular use but thanks to you stamostolias, you helped me avoid a reinstallation.

The advisory issued in this forums must have helped many user avoid that problem. Thanks to the admins/mods.

Things have changed now. I am using Gnome 3 right now and I am not facing any serious problems.

stamostolias, if you want to try Gnome 3, go ahead…try it.

Thank you suse_kid I will try Gnome 3 in other machines, I have KDE 4.6.2.:slight_smile:
I am very glad that problem was totally solved and now Gnome 3 is stable and without problems.